How to take the website to the top list in Google in 7 days

Don’t go to Google if you need any information, it will be hard to find anyone now. The information (search results) that comes to Google comes from some websites.

Getting website information on the first page of Google’s search list is now very difficult and time-consuming. But if you use an innovative method of keyword research, then it is possible to get a place (rank) on the first page of Google in just seven days (ie as soon as Google indexes). When Google puts the results of a new website on its servers, it is called crawling. And after crawling Google Index is arranged in different categories to rank.

Let’s learn about a novel method of Keyword Research or KGR.

What is KGR Keyword Research?

KGR or Keyword Golden Ratio refers to a term that can easily be placed on the first page of Google within a very short period of time by just doing SEO (to bring the website to the first page of the list provided by Google search engine) ) This is called SEO ranking. Doug Cunnington, CEO of Niche Site Project, invented this KGR keyword.

The result obtained by dividing the number of search results obtained from Google with ‘all-intitle (the word in the title of the article)’ by the search volume of that keyword (how many times information has been searched for the word), is basically the keyword golden ratio.

KGR keywords refers to long tail keywords. Contains five or more words or phrases. A KGR ratio of 0.25 or below makes it much easier to rank. And if it is between 0.25 and 1, it will take time to get rank and if it is more than 1, it will be difficult and time consuming to get.

Simply put, KGR keywords are keywords that aren’t used much and have low competition. It reveals through a formula, it is named, KGR. This source finds all the keywords that are not much content on the internet. So if you write an article with this keyword, it can be easily ranked in the search engine.

How to do KGR Keyword Research

There are some rules you need to follow to do KGR keyword research.

First you need to search Google with main keywords. Then a long tail keyword should be selected by taking the idea from relevant or suggestion keywords from Google search or using SEO tools. 250 or fewer keywords searched per month.

KGR keywords are basically long-tail keywords and this formula only works for long-tail keywords. We selected a long tail keyword ‘KGR Formula’ with a monthly search volume of 90 with Keyword Everywhere tools. It is basically a search term, which gives search results for the title.

Secondly, we put allintitle: before that keyword, i.e. ‘allintitle:Keyword Golden Ratio Formula’, and searched on Google and found seven search results.

If we check according to the KGR or Keyword Golden Ratio formula:

KGR: 7/90 = 0.07. From where we understand that working with these keywords will make ranking very much easier.

Some Benefits of KGR Keywords
  1. KGR is quite effective for keyword new sites. Search volume for keyword KGR is 250. That’s why it’s relatively easy to rank the new site.
  2. When a site is new, writing articles with high search volume keywords to reach the top list is difficult and time consuming. There is no alternative to KGR keywords in this case.
  3. No back linking (using links from other websites to increase your website’s rank) is usually required to get KGR content to the top of the list. Articles are ranked within a week of publication.
  4. Can be ranked without backlinks, so no unnecessary guest posting or anything else.
  5. Bringing users (web visitors or traffic) to new site is difficult and time-consuming. So the KGR formula medium can bring traffic to relatively new sites in a quick period of time.

Does KGR always work?

KGR Keyword Research may not always work. But research and practice show that this formula works 80 percent more of the time. If you do proper KGR keyword research and publish informative content on your site, hopefully, your site will also rank in Google.

Exceptions to the KGR keyword

There are some things, in which the KGR formula does not work even if selected.

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